Rowanberry (Sorbus aucuparia)
The fruits of the Rowantree can be used as Juice, Jelly or Marmelade. You can also use the dried berries as tea. Cooking the fruits helps to ally the strong taste of the Rowan Berries. There are different kinds of Rowan Trees. Some have very bitter fruits others have fruit that are just a little bit bitter. The softer ones are often cultivated by people in cities.The bitter essences of the Rowan Berry help against problems of the digestive system especially the gall production.You can also use the Rowan Berry to regulate the digestion because it helps against diarrhea and constipation as well. The Rowan Berry is also good to treat problems of the breathing system. For this use it's best to serve freshly pressend juice with honey.When vitamin C is missing, Rowan Berry can give you lots of vitamin C. Whether the raw Rowan berries are poisonous is not so clear. Maybe in high doses they are a little bit poisonous. But nobody would eat lots of raw Rowan berries, because they taste very strong, even the mild ones. To eat some raw Rowan Berries is no problem, but eating lots of them without beeing cooked and sweetened is just tasting too bad. We have prepared a recipe for cooking a Rowan Berry marmelade with pictures that illustrate the cooking-process.