The company “Bioproduct Group” Co Ltd is present on the local market since 1997.
We are specialized in processing, producing and marketing numerous raw material, including medicinal plants, spices, natural tea ingredients as well as dried fruits.
The manufacturing and the wholesale storage are settled in Chisinau city, Moldova Republic of.
Our company offers you a large selection of plants used in medicine for the treatment and prevention of disease. The material we propose to you is grown and harvested in ecologically pure areas ofMoldova, with the use of modern techniques practiced by the leading producers in this field. The medicinal raw material supplied by our company is being tested for compliance with the requirements of State Pharmacopoeia, the XI-th edition, as well as the recommendations   of the Wild crafting Practice.
During their vital activity, the plants produce a huge quantity of substances which are used by humans as main or supplementary foods, and the introduction of their biologically active ingredients causes positive changes in the physiological processes of the body. To ensure the safety of our products, we use a system of quality control in our working process.
Our longstanding experience continues the tradition of world culture which has a history of more than 4,000 years.  Our company “Bioproduct Group” Co Ltd wants you to find strong health and longevity, using the vital forces of the Earth found in our products of herbal drugs, species, and natural tea ingredients.
The company “Bioproduct Group” Co Ltd offers a wholesale assortment of:
Dried wild berries,
Medicinal herbs,
Dried fruits.
The company “Bioproduct Group” Co Ltd provides wholesale supply of dried fruits, medicinal raw material in any quantity depending on the needs of our customers.
Among our customers are botanical extracts producers, producers of fruit tea and alcoholic beverage industries.
We have a 15 years experience on the market of medicinal plants, and thus allow us to offer products of a high quality certified by all normative requirements.
We can offer a payment delay to our permanent buyers.
Our employees are carefully processing every customer’s requirements.
We hope that the products of “Bioproduct Group” company will be in demand for your industry and our cooperation will be long-lasting and fruitful.